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Shiva Shakti turning out to be the hotspot for imbedding the hotspot for Ancient practices for Yoga and Meditation. The destinations are Goa and Koyana . To skip from the busy often lifestyle . been surprised to discover to be all new you.

To make life easier Shiva Shakti Yoga has the Retreat Centers at Goa and Koyana the best meditation and Yoga centers in India to relax while you rejuvenate as well.
Introduction to Yoga
Shiva Shakti offers an Intense Yoga and Meditation classes surrounded with lush green garden and with nature having yogic aura. It is quiet corner of the world nothing less than a paradise.

Our center emphasizes a silence and simple living as major parts of its offerings here you can participate in various meditation and spiritual classes every day.

The Goa center is situated at the Blue lagoon at Cola beach the most beautiful and undiscovered beaches near Agonda and Palolem.

Accommodation of luxury Beach Front Cottages, Rajasthani tents and beach huts are available amongst a jungle setting overlooking a freshwater lagoon and the Arabian Sea.
The koyana center is located near the koyana dam surrounded with beautiful nature environment at the edge of the Tiger reserve sanctuary.We ensure the location provides beautiful stunning ambience with vegetarian food and an infinity pool.

Here you can learn Hatha yoga and Meditation from Scholars around the world.

The highlights of the place includes art retreats and poplular yoga teacher training program by relaxing in a surrounding which is far aawy from all the hustle bustle of the city life .

If you are looking for relaxing luxurious escape to learn Yoga and Meditation then Shiva Shakti Yoga is the Place for you.
Our Yoga Retreat
Detox to Divine
6 Nights and 7 Days
Our mission is to deliver personalized Practice “asana pranayama and meditation techniques” to individuals and small group not more than 5 alike who aspire to experience the Higher Dimensions of Living.

If the techniques are practiced as per the instructions and mastered over a period of time they trigger an Inner Evolution leading to the aspirants experiencing Enhanced Health, Harmonious Relationships, Higher Energy Levels, Greater Efficiency at Work, Increase in Concentration, Invoking Greater Sense of Social Responsibility, Inner Peace and Spiritual Growth.

Pre - requisite

For the Inner Evolution to trigger the aspirants need to approach the learning of the techniques with an absolutely open mind which needs to be free of all the preconceptions. The Inner Evolution will eventually lead to Realization of Self; for the aspirants to realize they need to develop the sense of Awareness about Subtle things. The Divine always dwells in the subtle.

Daily Schedule

We practice yoga to be physically fit, mentally strong , emotionally balanced and spiritually enhanced.

  • Dhyan - 40 min
  • Kriya - 30 min
  • Pranayama, Asanas, Mudras, Bandh - 90 min
  • Philosophy (Bhagvad gita & Patanjali Yog Sutra ) - 60 min
  • Q&A - 30 min
What to expect from this retreat?

We have a simple philosophy about the way we live and think – be in love with your life, indulge in every action you perform in totality, fulfill all your righteous desires and evolve to emerge as the ABSOLUTE.

Philosophy and practice is based on Bhagvad Gita , Patanjali Yog stura and hatha yog pradapika

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